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UH Development LTD

UH Development LTD are a team of talented developers and publishers focused on taking mobile gaming to the next level.

Our aim is to work with amazing developers, provide extensive support, and commit all our resources to helping them achieve success.


We do this by providing expertise on the entire mobile game process, from development to distribution, and post production.

Please see below for more details:

Our inhouse team of dedicated developers are experts in design, UI, UX, content, and gameplay.


We will provide and dedicate all resources to making sure your game contains graphics of the highest quality, an appealing interface and game play which keeps the users hooked.


We use leading monetization tools/software to ensure your games maximum potential is reached.


We have developed a flexible yet efficient monetization strategy which maximises revenue and keeps the content of your product intact.


The team are experts in optimizing app listings, allowing for greater visibility of your game.


Our strategy focuses on the quality of the installs to increase the retention rate.


App Store Optimization

We have produced a comprehensive marketing strategy for the game app industry. A pre-release promotion strategy builds up a network of dedicated users, that allows for greater app store rankings upon release. We market your product to a global audience. Our interactive marketing campaign is focused on interaction and engagement with your product.


Marketing & Promotion

Unlike other publishers we realise the importance of retention. As a key element of your revenue rate we will create a retention strategy to attract high quality users, keeping them engaged.


Our overall strategy will be flexible and constantly updated in order to adjust to competition and market needs.


Retention & Post production

We are one of the few publishers who work with you to create a mobile strategy focused on factors such as installs, ROI, localization etc. The team will work to analyse the app store market and create a strategy putting you ahead of the competition.


Our social media team will create an effective campaign for your game, where we will constantly engage with users on all platforms, reach out to the influencers, and increase global awareness.


Strategy & Social Media

So get in contact with the team and get your game published by UH Development LTD: for all enquiries please contact:

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